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We just spent a week at the Sambhavna Trust Clinic in Bhopal. I offered up my photographic services voluntarily, and was requested by Sathyu, who runs the clinic, to a) photograph the ayurvedic medicinal garden – this grows the plants for the traditional medicines used in the clinic (alongside western medicines). It is entirely organic […]



© Francesca Moore

Met Bobby from Bellissima, a handicraft shop in Jaisalmer. Bobby’s fighting for the rights of women in the Thar desert, who may be widowed or divorced and are otherwise without opportunity to work for a living. Bobby says that women cannot be seen to work in the shops or restaurants as these are jobs of men, and she’s proudly here in her shop fighting to change the views of society. This blanket was designed and handmade by women in the Rajasthani villages, and all proceeds go to them. It also kept us very warm on the train, so thank you again!