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Brighton Fringe: C’LECTIVE Exhibition 5-27th May 2012

Along The Way: Camino De Santiago    © Francesca Moore

This month my Camino images will be exhibited during the Brighton Fringe festival at one of the Waste of Space venues, 99 Church Road BN3 2BA, open every weekend during the festival. I will be exhibiting as a member of C’LECTIVE, one of the organisations under the banner of Waste of Space.

Here’s some info about the work:

These images, from a body of personal work, are from a 30-day trip to walk the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage towards the town of Santiago, in the Northwest of Spain, where the immortal soul of St James is said to lie.  Following the thousands before who had trodden this same path, I imagined to meet people along the way, to take their portrait, and to ask them the reason they were travelling – after all you are required to declare whether you were walking for religious, spiritual, or cultural reasons to gain a Pilgrim’s Passport, the credential used to validate your worth for a bed each evening.  How wrong I was to think that.  I often learned where people walked from, and could make an educated guess as to where they were walking to, but everything in-between was seemingly unimportant.  The journey appeared to reflect the emptiness and loneliness of the walk. It was bleak at times, but not in a bad way. It provided space for thought and clarity within one’s own mind and there was no place for questions.  I didn’t know how I had found myself on the journey, far be it for me to question anyone else’s motives.  Anything learned about anyone else was a privilege, not an expectation.