Archive | February 2012

video production showreel

Here’s a video shoot I worked on last year with We set up and produced this corporate interview that was then put together with stills for photographer Liam Bailey.

surfer series

© Francesca Moore

Some shots from the archive.. A nice drop and cutback. Recently dug these up for a pitch request. They were taken on the West coast of Ireland a few years back.


© Francesca Moore

A documentary shoot for a firm of tree specialists based in Surrey. Arboriculturalists are involved in all aspects of tree management and maintenance for the purpose of safeguarding against injury to people and damage to the surrounding built environment. On this occasion an 80ft Horse-chestnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum) with a vertical split, deemed unsafe during assessment,  was taken down from the top, piece by piece. A 15ft stump, regularly home to nesting woodpeckers, has been left standing to protect and enhance the natural habitat. To see more, click here.

facing the elements

© Francesca Moore

Felt like this on the way home tonight as temperatures plummeted to -3˚C (but felt a lot colder..). This is a shot from my archive of wildlife shots. A Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus) at Donna Nook, one of the largest grey seal reserves in the UK, and managed by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve. Every November and December the seals return from the sea, where they spend much of the year, to give birth to their pups.