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Alba Londres #02 launch

© Francesca Moore

Images of the Alba Londres #02 launch are now live online. To view more click here. Alba Londres is a magazine linking Spanish and Hispano-American culture and the Anglo-Saxon one. They publish original translations and are interested in poetry.


© Francesca Moore

Here’s one for Blue Ivy.. or is it Ivy Blue?  To see more visit

The Shard, Jan 2011

© Francesca Moore

The Shard, designed by Renzo Piano and photographed in January last year. When completed this May 2012, it will be the tallest building in Europe.

the twelth day is coming..

© Francesca Moore

This was from a set of test shots taken on digital a couple of years ago, for a medium format project on abandoned Christmas trees. Sadly, the loaded camera was stolen the next day, so like the trees the shots had an uncertain future.   I don’t know, they look abandoned, I think they were recycled.

fran’s on blog for 2012

Welcome! Watch this space for news and updates of, highlighting recent photos and a sneak preview of all new work..

This blog aims to showcase some of my work that’s not necessarily featured on my site; stuff that interests me, or things that I’ve been shooting recently, or dug up from the past.  You might see something that interests you, or that you didn’t know that I do, which is kind of the point of this exercise.. I hope you enjoy it!